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Tarot in Love: Consulting the Cards in Matters of the Heart, by Elliott Adam

5 stars

Tarot in Love: Consulting the Cards in Matters of the Heart by Elliot Adam

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The wise counsel in this well-written guidebook does exactly what I’m looking for when I do a tarot reading for myself: it invariably brings order to my frazzled mind. At these times, I’m usually looking for wise counsel from my higher self.

When my emotions get in the way or I am too negative about a situation to think clearly, I meditate for a few minutes then shuffle my favourite deck of tarot cards. Often, the familiar routine of shuffling and then laying out the cards in a Celtic Cross spread will center me and focus my chaotic thoughts. It is surprising how many times I get either a sympathetic “buck up girl, things will be better soon/you will make it through this current strife (Strength card)/ this is a necessary growing pain (Two of Swords)” message, or a “stop whining, you are blowing things out of proportion (9 of swords)” spread.

The introductory pages of this book, describing the frenzied mindset of a “reader in the dire throes of love” had me howling with sympathetic laughter. Love – especially unrequited love – can be a confusing, often painful journey. Self doubt plagues us all.

What you will find here is a no-nonsense layout of possible interpretations for a reading that will help reset a love-lorn reader’s frazzled thought patterns. There is some really helpful advice in each and every card interpretation. The sensible advice at the end of each section is sure to set you back on the path to emotional rationality!

I highly recommend this thoughtful – often sympathetic – guidebook. You may be able to get yourself out of the doldrums by doing your own tarot reading once you’ve read through Tarot in Love.. At the very least you’ll get a laugh or two from some of the ridiculous results that can occur during a random deal. Mind you, some of the “gibberish readings” I have done which did not answer my particular question at the time, will, in hindsight, have contained an insight regarding something else in my life that would soon take priority. Cracks me up every time!

My thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for an ARC of this excellent guidebook on love and the tarot in exchange for an honest review.

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One reply on “Tarot in Love: Consulting the Cards in Matters of the Heart, by Elliott Adam”

I actually do possess a deck of (very stylish) tarot cards (mostly black, with hinges of red).

But I’ll have to admit I only ever use them for creative purposes, when creating adventures for my role playing group, für example, and I need an idea. Then I use a simple layout like; what’s the situation, what’s the goal, what’s the challenges, and what should be the overall theme of the story?

Well, at least I know now where I could look for different uses of my deck. 😁


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