Who are we?


I am a very visual reader: its as if I am watching a movie. I can lose all awareness of my body if the writing is really good.

I am always open to suggestions for a great read, no matter which genre of writing. Lately, I have been reading mostly contemporary fiction (thrillers, mysteries, romance – but only if they are very well written and character driven) and a smidgen of literary fiction.

I go through phases, but I will often fall back on character driven YA and NA novels when I get in a rut: I love to relive, vicariously, those crazy days when I could never picture myself growing old and having anything more responsible to do than hand in an essay or cram for final exams. There is no end to what you can get away with, or away to, between the pages of a book!

I live by the adage: Be Kinder Than You Need to Be, and I apply this to my rating system. I usually give objective, even-handed reviews whenever possible. I also tend to cut debut authors a lot of slack.

And yes, I stubbornly stick to the British spelling of words: I’m a Canadian and a Scorpio. Need I say more?!

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Susan has submitted more than 200 reviews, quite a few of them were featured by the publishers. She had several auto approves with publishers who like her, and her feedback ratio is more than 80 percent.

Stefan (Bogi)

I’ve been an avid reader for nearly all my life, and what time I don’t spend with my family (or work), I spend with reading.

I read across quite a variety of genres, Science Fiction, Fantasy (especially Dark and Urban), Thriller, Crime/Mystery and sometimes Horror or Young Adults (despite being a not so young adult).

I value honesty a great deal, so all my reviews are going to be honest – a publisher granting me an ARC or a free book will get an honest, unbiased review. But I also try to be always fair and kind, especially to debut writers and independent writers.

If you take a look at my reviews, you will find that my average rating is quite high. That is not me being overly generous, that’s simply due to the fact that I am usually quite good at finding books to read I know beforehand I will like – my hit ratio is quite high.

Stefan’s Badges on NetGalley


I discovered my love for reading at the tender age of six and I’ve been addicted ever since. I used to read anything I could get my greedy hands on, but my current favorite genres are Fantasy and Romance. While I’m more into Adult than YA, I love to get out of my comfort zone to keep things interesting. You never know where you are going to find your new favorite story!

My reviews are proof of my enjoyment while trying to be as objective as possible. Although I love to fangirl and take no responsibility for convincing you to read my most beloved books, I believe every book is perfect for someone so my ultimate goal is to help with the match.