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Scrumptious, by Christie Denney

5 stars

Scrumptious from The Girl Who Ate Everything by Christy Denney

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The pictures and recipes in this outstanding cookbook will surely give your eyes a heart attack! I was literally salivating, oohing and aahing as I turned each page: this was truly a feast for the eyes and the stomach! These recipes and the graphics truly live up to the title: absolutely Scrumptious!

As I was taking my time, enjoying each new entry, I was so pleased to discover a recipe for chicken and dumplings: one of my very favourite comfort foods! I appreciated the tip of sprinkling the rolled out dumplings with extra flour to avoid sticking. (Smart!)

Christy Denney has five children (three boys, two girls) and an ex-Miami Dolphins football player husband to feed. All those sheet pan recipes must come in handy come meal time!

I loved the picture of the entire clan in the first few pages of the book. A well-fed family is a happy family! (So, okay, I made that up, but I would have been a happy camper if my parents had been capable of whipping up even HALF of the goodies to be found in this absolute keeper of a cookbook.

The author gets right down to business and warms us up with a few quick sheet pan meals for the busy home chef. The One Pan Breakfast Bake – hash browns, bacon, cheddar cheese and olive oil, topped with six eggs – looked divinely enticing! I love that you aren’t bombarded with three pages of ingredients in each recipe. I marveled at the simplicity but tastiness of each recipe. Cheese is a major ingredient in just about every recipe here, but I was not complaining. (I am going to try to make the “chaffles’ – flourless waffles made with cheese and eggs on a waffle grill. My version will have to be with lactose-free cheese: I hope it works out! I’ll keep you posted!)

The desserts almost had me in tears: I’m writing this review at one a.m. in the morning. No snacks allowed for me, although my taste buds are dancing up a storm. The Brownie Cookies looked divinely sinful, and for sure I am going to try the Birthday Cinnamon Roll Cake – secret ingredient: rainbow cake mix!!!

The Cookies and Cream Brownies also looked utterly decadent, and I’m pretty sure I gained weight just THINKING about eating one!

Christy Denney truly knocked one out of the ballpark with this keeper of a cookbook. I absolutely loved every single recipe and I know that any foodie would love to receive a copy of this book as a gift. I know I certainly would!

My thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for an ARC of this extremely well executed cookbook. It was an absolute pleasure to read and review! 5 out of 5 Scrumptious Stars!
(Note: because the book has not yet been published, the pictures that I am using here are from the internet, and not from this recipe book. Hopefully after the book is published, I will be sent some of the amazing photos of the dishes in this book: they were absolutely mouthwatering!)

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