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Simply Korean, by Aaron Huh.

This beautiful book looks delicious enough to eat all on its own! Pass the soy sauce, please!

5 stars

Simply Korean: Easy Recipes for Korean Favorites That Anyone Can Make by Aaron Huh

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I finally got a copy of this beautifully illustrated cookbook from my local library. The ARC for this book expired on the NetGalley Ap before I was able to look at it. (I had requested the ARC shortly before its publication date and did not realize that I would lose access to it on that date. Forewarned is forearmed, eh?!!)

Right off the bat I’m alerting everyone that this is definitely a 5-plus star cookbook. The illustrations alone make you SO HUNGRY! Every dish is simply but beautifully presented on a neutral background: and rightly so, because the finished product is often so gorgeous you might be tempted to lick the page! (I wonder if the pages of this book would taste good with a sprinkle of Spicy Bibimbap Sauce?!!!)

Upon first glance, the Eomuk Bokkeum (Stir Fried Fish Cake Strips) photo makes you think you are getting yet another soba noodle recipe, but gluten-free lovers: THIS ONE’S FOR YOU! I swear I could almost smell the tantalizing aroma from the photo of the finished product.

What I really liked about this cookbook, which set it apart from other cookbooks I’ve reviewed recently, is the fact that Claire, his partner in crime and in life, adds her own recommendations and comments in just about every recipe – appearing in a one inch square on the photo of each finished dish. This couple is famous on the internet and on Youtube, where they have their own channel. I love Claire’s critiques of the dishes: she is utterly charming. She describes the flavours and texture as she elegantly partakes of each completed dish: a bit like what the Galloping Gourmet used to do at the end of each show.


I am in no way, and never, ever will be, a Minimalist! My late mother definitely was, but luckily I take after my late Dad in many respects! But that doesn’t mean I don’t admire it – in a horrified but equally awe-struck way, of course! I love my kitchen gadgets, my tall shelf of overflowing books, my mahogany display cases, cabinets and hutches spilling with Grecian statuettes (Canova is my favourite sculptor!), cute ceramic birds and musical boxes, etc…… My walls sport reproductions of many of Vigee-Lebrun’s portraits as well as still lifes created by an artist friend. But I digress!…. ]
And now back to my originally intended observation:
When I turned each pristine/unadorned page, my eyes were DAZZLED!
All that clean, clear space surrounding those beautifully presented dishes!
All those simply explained recipes with a bare handful of ingredients!
Just… WOW!

Sumptuous dipping sauces, braised potatoes, garlic fried chicken, boiled pork, grilled mackerel, glass noodle stir fries, spicy cold kimchi noodles, spicy seafood noodle soup (that DELICIOUS picture almost killed me!), ginseng chicken soup, royal court rice cakes…. the list of incredibly appetizing dishes is endless! I want to try them all!

Note: The pictures and graphics used in this review were culled from the internet due to copyright restrictions, but they give you a general idea of what to expect from this outstanding cookbook. (If the author and publisher give me permission to use the pictures in this book, I will gladly do so! My pictures do not do this cookbook justice!)

My recommendation? Run, do not walk, to your nearest bookseller and get your own copy of this most excellent cookbook!

My thanks to the author/chef, Aaron Huh, his beautiful and articulate wife, Claire, DK Publishing (Penguin Random House), NetGalley, and the Toronto Public Library for the opportunity to review this most excellent cookbook in exchange for an honest review! All the stars, and then some!!!

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2 replies on “Simply Korean, by Aaron Huh.”

Oh my god, look at all those photos!

Now I’m hungry. I want the soy sauce and all the soba noodles I can get.

I can just imagine you between your Grecian statues, sprinkling soy sauce and love over delicious food.

Your review made me hungry 😋


Thanks Stefan! This cookbook also had me heading to the kitchen right after I posted this review! (I didn’t mention that I have a huge collection of Royal Albert and Queen Anne tea cups (with saucers, of course!) I have become that crazy old lady surrounded by bric-a-brac! Good think I am allergic to cats and dogs, otherwise I’m sure I would have at least a dozen!!! Yikes!

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