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The Terminal War [Carson Mach #3], by A.C. Hadfield

3.5 stars out of 5. Guilty pleasure for the space soap addict!

3.5 stars

So here we are, Carson and me, on the final stretch of his story. One more adventure, once more nothing less on the line than the stability of the whole known universe. And if you know Carson Mach like I do, then you also know: The universe is probably effed up to the brim. Wanna know why?

Carson has a reputation to do the impossible – and succeed at it. This time, though, he is asked for help by the Vestans, and they simultaneously need his help, don’t want it and hate him for needing him. Look, it’s complicated, right?

That actually describes many of Carson’s relationships – to his former friend and sometimes boss, to his crew, to his client, to his lover, to his liver – hell, I’m suspecting even to himself.

That’s actually what’s so good about this series – space soap, my guilty pleasure genre. Lots of drama, crazy characters, the wildest plot twists imaginable. This genre is not a teaser for your brain, it’s a joy ride designed to throw you into the curves of your imagination until your brain rattles. Or you fall out the wagon. (Pro tip: don’t fall out the wagon.)

This is your brain on space soaps. You have been warned!

The writing is, let’s call it sufficient. There’s no finely finesse to the writing style, no elegant expressions, not even alluring alliterations. But it works to transport the joy ride into your brain. If you allow the suspension of disbelief. (Whisky is known to help you with that, in case you’re still struggling.)

Your reward is a story that is part “the galaxy is at the brink of another war” (like parts of Star Wars), and part “Something is here, hiding and attacking us – what could it be?” (like Alien). And both problems have to be solved by a motley crew of really unlikely heroes. That’s not only a recipe for disaster, but also for tremendous amounts of fun.

That’s just great. This mission continues to get better. I mean, what more could we want, eh? Hidden frozen cities, some proto-vestan predator, and a planet load of secrets. And there’s me thinking we’d be in and out, simple-as.

who really should know better by now

It’s like one of those b-movies, where you know it will be kind of cheap, but you’re already here for the popcorn, and let’s be honest – you don’t have anything better to do, anyway, right?

It’s 3.5 stars for me, always a guilty pleasure and absolutely worth your time and dime, especially if you buy the boxed complete set. Grab the popcorn and destroy your brain!

By Stefan

father of two, not enough time to read everything I want to read

2 replies on “The Terminal War [Carson Mach #3], by A.C. Hadfield”

This review was so good! Downright entertaining! Loved the roller coaster image. In my younger day, I LOVED THEM. Now, I can’t even look at them – I run screaming! You have become a master reviewer, Stefan!!!

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You mustn’t tell anyone, but I don’t ride roller coasters. Apparently, I’ve been born a little matured or so – but in all honesty, I can’t stand being turned head over feet. I’ve enjoyed some rides that don’t have any loops or stuff, but a roller coaster like that? Never.

Then again, I have space soap operas. 😁

Thank you for your kind words, mylady!


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