Top Tier (4 to 5 stars)

THE BODYGUARD, by Katherine Center

5 stars

The Bodyguard by Katherine Center

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Anatomy of a Love Story: the Prequel, the Main Event, and the rollicking Epilogue… Katherine Center has delivered the full riotous, awww-worthy package!


Okay, so my tendency to hyperbolize is very apparent here, but we do see Hannah emerge from the chrysalis that she has been frozen in ever since her early childhood when her father left and her mother retreated into drugs and alcohol to escape the wreckage of her life.

Hannah has no room for romance: she stays busy so that she doesn’t have time to dwell on how empty – how devoid – her life is of that four letter word: LOVE (along with companionship and true friends.)

Hell literally breaks loose in the first chapters of this novel. My advice? Hold on tight because you are in for a very bumpy – and laugh filled! – ride: Hannah Brooks and Jack Stapleton are a match made in…. well, TEXAS!

I roared with laughter as these two irrepressible lunatics were forced to masquerade as lovers while staying at the Stapleton family ranch – in an effort to pull the wool over the eyes of Jack’s seriously ill mother. I loved the entire Stapleton clan, as well as the corral of rescued circus horses. There were so many fascinating side stories that you never had time to catch your breath or feel bored.

At some point, the lines got blurred and these two madcaps often forgot that the relationship wasn’t real.

Meryl Streep makes a cameo appearance, along with a set of steak knives and a precocious four year old!


I truly needed this wonderful, hilarious, hopelessly romantic bird’s eye view of the epic love story between a much stalked and beleaguered movie star and his pint-sized bodyguard. I loved it and never wanted their story to end. 5out of 5 well-deserved stars! Highly, highly recommended if you need a good laugh…. or ten!

[My thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for an ARC of this wonderful novel in exchange for an honest review. Book release date: July 19, 2022]

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