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Exit Strategy [Murderbot Diaries #4], by Martha Wells

4.5 out of 5 stars. Murderbot is back, and more badass than ever before. Tremendous fun!

4.5 stars

If you’ve read the novellas before, you might have noticed that they were loosely connected. Now we’re taking things back to the book that started it all when Murderbot tries to find and rescue the woman – Dr. Mensah – that set it free.

It’s lovely to see how Murderbot evolves over the course of these books. MB is really coming into it’s snark. It is exactly this kind of development and the non-caring way MB totally cares about it’s crew that makes you fall in love with it.

Of course, Murderbot would never submit to caring deep within. But it does.

I think Murderbot – not a human, not a robot – is actually more relatable as a character than many other action heroes in space. The insecurity (pretty ironic for a SecUnit, right?), nervous behaviour and all that makes it easy to identify with Murderbot. After all, we’re all media addicts deep inside.

This novel also sees Murderbot coming a little more to terms with feelings, which is heart warming, at least to me. It feels great, like watching a friend grow.

But most of all, Murderbot is becoming more badass all the time.

Murderbot is kicking butts.

The way it’s drifting around, meticulously thinks ahead, always planning – and always improving when the proverbial shit hits the fan – is reminding me of a young Jack Reacher. The same kind of intellect, not through education but through experience, the same coolness.

I’ve just discovered that Murderbot is Jack Reacher in space! Holy space cow!

Also, the ending was quite good, but it left me feeling like I’m missing something. Some closure, which is why I’m taking a half star away from the rating to 4.5 stars (but rounded up for sites where I can’t give half stars).

That being said, if you’re already hooked into Murderbot, there is no reason to not go on with the series. And if you’re not hooked on Murderbot yet – well, then what are you waiting for?

By Stefan

father of two, not enough time to read everything I want to read

5 replies on “Exit Strategy [Murderbot Diaries #4], by Martha Wells”

I haven’t read any yet but I’m so intrigued by the premise. I’m a mood reader so when I feel like a hardcore scifi I’ll be reaching for this one!

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In that case, you should at least get the first 4, because they really build a story arc together. Maybe Network Effect (No. 5) ties in to the same story arc as well. Can’t tell, haven’t read it yet.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

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