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DARK ROADS by Chevy Stevens

Right from that intriguing prologue (Yikes! Ghosts!) to the epilogue (Yikes Again! More ghosts!) – I was hooked!

Dark Roads by Chevy Stevens (Link to Goodreads Blurb)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Right from that intriguing prologue (Yikes! Ghosts!) to the epilogue (Yikes Again! More ghosts!) – I was hooked!

This story should more than persuade everyone not to hitchhike, especially out on remote country roads!

This is a very well-written thriller: great world and character building. Hailey, Amber, Beth and Jonny were awesome! (Hailey’s relationship with her dad – just … sniffle!) Vaughan was a horrible, scary creeper and no, I did not guess who the villain was!

There are a few graphic descriptions of violence and I had to take breaks, particularly towards the end. I usually tend to skim over these types of extremely violent, bloody scenes, but such is the caliber of this author’s writing style that I was glued to each page, even while I was shuddering and wincing with each blow. (And to think, I used to devour overly graphic serial killer thrillers by the dozen in my bygone youth!)

On my second foray through this action-packed story, the atmosphere of suspense and dread kept me glued to my tablet as I listened to the audiobook – which was very well performed. (See my review for the audiobook below.) I am finding that I enjoy listening to thrillers- it adds another dimension to the action.

For those brave readers who devour these dark thrillers like bonbons, enjoy: this was a very good one! Chevy Stevens (one of my favourite authors now) always puts her characters through hell! Such brave young troopers!

My thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for an ebook ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.


I have come to prefer listening to thrillers: when the narrator is good -and all three narrators did an excellent job in Chevy Stevens’ Dark Roads audiobook – it feels as if you are “listening to a movie.”

I really enjoyed the ebook back when it came out. Stevens is a gifted writer and can expertly manipulate a reader’s emotions with her words. The sense of unremitting dread and fear whenever Vaughan came into a scene! I’m a pacifist and even I wanted to swat him with a heavy object! Bad, Bad Man!!!

I loved spending time with Hailey, Jonny, Amber and Beth – again! I didn’t realize how much I was missing them until I started listening to this audiobook. Even though I had read the ebook, I could not stop listening to this very well dramatized audiobook.

(For those, like me, who are squeamish when it comes to violence, the speed setting is a fabulous option. I would double the speed sometimes during those scenes! )

I also listened to the excellent audiobook for this author’s earlier book, That Night. When I saw that the audiobook for Dark Roads was available, I jumped at the chance to listen it, based on my experience with That Night. (My thanks to the author, publisher and Netgalley for this advance audiobook in exchange for an honest review.)

I highly, highly recommend the Dark Roads audiobook! All the stars for this thrilling ride!

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