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All Systems Red [Murderbot Diaries #1], by Martha Wells

5 out of 5 stars. Murderbot is cynical, philosophical and most of all plain entertaining.

5 out of 5 stars

So, this is the famous Murderbot! I have to thank Carol on for bringing me into the fold – MB was referenced in a bunch of her reviews, so I decided to hit it up. Boy, what a joy ride!

First of all, Murderbot is totally relatable to me. It makes a great protagonist, it’s my new spirit animal. And the way it mostly not cares (or pretends to not care – MB, you’re a softy deep within, I can feel it!) actually makes it a great hero. Well, anti hero, but that is a prominent position. I sometimes think the best heroes are anti heroes.

So, read this! You won’t regret it.
If you do not like it, I hereby give you permission to complain about it to me.

* Orders a SecUnit, just in case

⚠️ warning, spoilers ahead!

The last part off the story was not that big of a surprise to me. I think leaving it’s guardian to be it’s own Murderbot actually makes sense in terms of being truly free and ungoverned.

By Stefan

father of two, not enough time to read everything I want to read

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